mega-M.A.X. FAQ

How can I tell if my bike is bent?
  • The bike may pull one direction or the other, requiring constant input on the
  • The bike may wobble, or be unstable at high speeds.
  • The bike may turn better one direction vs. the other.
I dropped my bike, but I'd hardly say that I "crashed" it. What signs of damage should I look for?
  • Check to see if the steering stops on the lower clamp are bent or dented where they contact the frame. This is a good indicator that you may have induced enough force to bend or tweak the frame. With over 1,100 sets of FACTORY SPECS in our database, we can tell you without a doubt when we measure the bike.
Will Insurance cover the cost of the measurement?
  • Most insurance companies will cover the cost of measurements and corrections.
My dealer said they checked the frame and it's OK. How can I be sure?
  • Currently, there are very few chassis measuring machines available to the public that can check chassis alignment. Despite claims made by some laser sighting tools, they can not identify frame or swing arm damage or front end They can ONLY check wheel alignment. MPH can offer you BOTH. Unless your chassis has been to an experienced facility and measured with the proper equipment, you can't be sure it is straight.
I'm considering buying a used bike. How can I be sure it hasn't been wrecked or damaged?
  • If you have any concerns about the bike, ask the owner to have it measured. Unlike other systems, the mega-M.A.X. provides an easy to read printout that compares the bike to the FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS.
What do I need to do to prepare my bike to be measured?
  • Nothing! Unlike other systems that require all of the bodywork to be removed for a basic measurement, none of the body work needs to be removed for the mega-M.A.X. Measurement. Occasionally, on larger touring type and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the saddle bags and luggage may need to be removed. If the chassis needs to be aligned, it will need to be stripped of all the painted parts and the exhaust. All of these services can be done by our technicians for an additional charge.
Will straightening my bike weaken the frame?
  • No, correcting misalignment's will not weaken the frame or swing arm. If the component is bent so badly that an alignment would weaken the part, we will recommend replacement of the part. MPH will NOT repair any part that would result in a compromise in structural integrity.
What does a bike feel like after its been straightened?
  • n Most people say that the bike feels better than when it was new! The jig and the mega-M.A.X. system work together, so there's no need to remove the bike from the jig to verify the accuracy of the straightening like other systems. When the bike leaves the jig, we know that your bike is back to factory specs.
I had my chassis geometry maximized, but now I need to buy new tires. Will this change my settings?
  • It may. Depending on the tire diameters you had when the chassis was set up, and what you are going to fit now, some ride height changes may be required. It is best to talk with us about your decision before you buy and we will help you select the best option.

Tuning FAQ

Why do I need a tuning device?
  • If you alter the air flow of my bike with different pipes, air-box modifications, cams, etc, you would need to change the fueling. You must adjust the fuel curve electronically. With a tuner equipped EFI bike you have more control over the fuel curve. i.e. you can improve deceleration popping without affecting idle. With a tuning device on your bike, it will run smoother, cooler and have better throttle response.

What are the benefits of installing a tuning device on my bike?
  • Reduces running temperatures, pinging, and can help prevent pipe bluing.
  • Improves runability, throttle response..

You can continue to add accessories of any type and simply install a new map to tune the Motorcycle.

Will the tuner void my warranty?
  • In most cases, in order for the manufacturer to deny warranty for a failed component, they must prove that the aftermarket part caused the component to fail. As some tuners cannot send current to the stock ECU, it is highly unlikely that it could damage the stock system in any way.
My dealer says my warranty is void because I installed aftermarket parts on my bike, what can I do?
  • Consumers have specific rights, on any product they purchase. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) helps protect these rights, and has a web page with a list of what to do if your warranty is denied. For more information please visit
My Harley has a stage burn with all of the recommended Screamin' Eagle components. Why would I need a tuner?
  • A stage burn is a recalibration for specific Screamin' Eagle components. When used with these components, the cruise air/fuel ratio is about 15:1. However at 15:1, they can run hot, surge, ping and are more likely to blue pipes.
My dealer says that I can run any pipes I want to on my EFI Softail and the ECM will correct for it - is that true?
  • The Delphi System is very good at masking low speed ridability problems, however it cannot reshape the fuel curve for any modifications you may do. It may appear to run ok with different pipes and air-box, but when checking air/fuel ratios, you find that they are not optimum and in some cases dangerously lean. With tuning device and a proper map installed, the Softail's run noticeably better, smoother, and cooler, with improved throttle response.
Does the tuning device interfere with the bikes ability to compensate for atmospheric conditions?
  • No. The Fuel Injection Systems found on today's bikes do a good job of adjusting fuel for atmospheric conditions (air temperature, altitude, etc). Tuners do not interfere with this and the automatic compensation remains in effect in most cases.
My local shop has a Dyno; can they tune my bike correctly?
  • Yes, if they are an experianced Tuning Center. The basic Inertia Dyno that most shops have are great for dialing in carburetors, however to build a complete fuel injection map, you need a load control dyno with real time air/fuel ratio monitor, and special training.