Audio Systems

Diamond Audio



  • Full Range Class D IR Chipset
  • DirectFET Power Mosfet Output Stage
  • SMD Technology on 4 layer Glass PC Board
  • Conformal Coated PCB assembly for added water resistance
  • ICAD circuit provides superior overload protection
  • Frequency response 10 Hz - 30 kHz (Mono Block 10 Hz - 350 Hz)
  • Variable 12db crossovers
  • MICRO Bass boost +12DB @ 45 Hz
  • Premium 8 gauge power connections
  • Multi channels / Mono channel
  • Remote Bass Knob (Included with MICRO81U / MICRO82U)


  • Connect To Source Unit or Amplifier With Auxiliary Input
  • Water Resistant and Ideal for Motorcycles, All-Terrain Utility Vehicles, and More
  • Includes Handle Bar Mount and Mounting Base for Surface Mounting
  • Remote Trigger In/Out
  • Water Resistant Touch Keypad For Marine Environment
  • Direct To Battery Fused Wiring Via Internal Hard-Wire Installation
  • Micro USB Charging Cable Included


  • RGB LED APP Remote Controller/Eight outputs with remote trigger
  • HXM Series speaker lighting
  • Conformal coated PCB
  • Control multiple functions such as color selection, brightness/dimming
  • Change speed/strobe and various other lighting feature modes

Hertz Audio



  • Compact dimensions and light weight preserving excellent performance thanks to the use of Neodymium N38 H for the motor units

  • Cones waterproofing and anti-UV treatment to allow safe outdoor use without discoloration over time

  • Motor units treated with cataphoresis and insulated lead-wires to avoid oxidation

  • Terminals and mounting holes compatible for installation on Harley-Davidson motorbikes

Harley Bag Lids

Water Proof

  • These lids are waterproof. Most all aftermarket lids leak where the grills mount to the lid. These do not.


  • No leaks around the grill and they come with new quality rubber gaskets.

Steel Grills Not Plastic

  • The included speaker grills are steel mesh that is much nicer looking than the typical plastic.

Works With All Factory Hardware

  • Your factory hinges, locks, and latches all fit perfectly.

Rigid Construction

  • Many of the aftermarket lids are flimsy and just poorly made. These lids are just like the factory lids and have much better fitment than what you typically will find. 

Low Profile Speaker Mounting.

  • These lids tuck the 6x9 high up in the lid so that the lid speakers don't eat up your bag space.

  • Most aftermarket 6x9 lids use a deep cone adapter that positions the 6x9 way lower in the lid than they should be.