Doug Duane, Owner

  • 35 years of experience in the Racing and Recreational Vehicle Businesses
  • AAS Degree in Informational Systems Management
  • Racer and Team Owner at the AMA Superbike level Team (retired)
  • Over 46 Pro/National/Regional/National/Endurance Road Racing Championships
  • 2001 AMA Pro Racing Horizon Award Winner
  • Road Racing School Instruction/Private Coaching
  • Accomplished engine builder/dyno tuner/chassis technician
  • Completed Suzuki/Honda/Kawasaki/Harley technical and new product update & tech qualifications
  • Welding/fabrication/painting
  • Hobbies – Classic Cars/anything with wheels

July 17, 2001 – 12:00 AM

The AMA Horizon Award

Local Makes Good

By: Larry LawrencePhotography By: Brian J.
Mid-Ohio 2001 Doug DuaneDoug Duane had an outstanding two days of racing in the AMA Grand
Championships held on the 2.4-mile Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, winning five
races overall including three of the premier classes. For his strong performance
Duane was named the 2001 Horizon Award winner for road racing.

Duane, of Stow, Ohio, started off the two-day event with victories Monday in
the GT1 and Superbike 750. Tuesday he entered five of the six premier races. He eventually ran four of the races, electing to sit out the final race of the day due to fatigue, and earned a total of three victories on the day. Duane rode a trio of Fasttrax-sponsored Suzukis.

DDuane Mid-Ohio 2001uane follows in some pretty big footsteps. Riders such as Jason DiSalvo and
Ben Spies are recent winners of the Horizon Award, which recognizes the nation’s
top amateur racers who are about to turn professional.



The Best of the Best

Racing Lines: Compiled By Grant Parsons

By Bill Kresnak

Best of the Best Doug DuaneChasing the prestigious AMA Horizon Award at the 2001 Road Race Grand Championships

What does it take to go fast among America’s Best amateur road-racers?

Talent’s not a bad start. Confidence certainly helps, too. How about Motivation, smarts and skill?
The fast guys filter to the top pretty quickly, meaning that the short list for the Horizon Award is well-established in the first few races.

Doug Duane, a 28-year-old from Stow, Ohio, looks string. But true to form, he’s got a pack of racers chasing him.
For Duane, who races in the Grand Championships at this same track last year, the Horizon Award is the honor he’s striving for.

“That’s the goal,” Duane Says. “that was my focus last year and it is again this year.”

In the first race of the day-Heavy-weight Superbike-Duane jumps to an early lead aboard his Suzuki GSRR750 and runs away with the 10-lap race, finishing  24 seconds ahead of second place finisher Jon Glaefke of Boulder, Colorado, abroad a Suzuki GSXR1000.

Duane then faces off against Pate and Green in the Midlleweight Grand Prix class. Midway through, i’s a tight pack, with Pate holding a bike-length lead aboard his Kawasaki ZX-6 ahead of Duane, on his Suzuki GSXR600. Green’s Yamaha R6 trails Duane by less than a bike length in third.

That’s two premier racers down, and two different winners–Duane and Green. But there are still four races to go.
In the next race, Unlimited Superbike Duane once again dominates the big-bike field, winning by 27 seconds. Impressive.
But then Duane and Green square off again in the next race-Heavyweight Supersport-with Duane aboard his GSXR750 and Green on his 600 Yamaha.

The two bikes battle almost nose to tail for much of the race, with Duane winning by just over a second. Duane turns the fastest lp of the race, 1 minute, 34.883 seconds, on his final circuit.

“Early on, I bought myself worrying about what was behind me,” Duane Says. “I lost focus and wasn’t hitting my marks. “About the third or fourth lap, I just put my head down. I saw him (Green) once on the inside in turn one. He pushed a wheel in, but I just stayed on the power and that was about it.”

After the dust settles, the decision on the Horizon Award is tight. Green has won two premier races and finishes second in another. But Duane’s results are also impressive: three first-place finished in premier races and second in another. Plus he ears two No. 1 plates during the first day of racing.

In the end the 2001 Road Race Horizon Award is presented to Doug Duane.

“Winning this means a lot,” he says. “First, it’s the compliment. And second, it will hopefully make people aware of what we’re doing. Maybe we’ll get better equipment, and pull in some sponsorship.

Just days later, Duane races in the pro ranks at the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championships at Mid-Ohio, beginning a new journey to try to become the best of the best.