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Projects from years past – 2008

We had a lot of fun over the last few years with the 400+HP Turbo ‘Busa, but now its been sold and on to our new projects and upgrades. We still have our Stoker – Nitrous breathing ‘Busa owner and piloted by Scot Bliss. Scot is our Nitrous and electrical specialist. Check out the details on this evolving project. We’ve decided to return to the turbo arena, and build a monster Stage III RCC Turbo with alot of BOOST!

400+ Rear Wheel Horsepower – 10″ Over

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RCC Stage III Turbo Hayabusa

2002 Suzuki Hayabusa Frame bought from a salvage yard. 2005 GSX-R 750 forks and trees. Internally lowered forks with 2″ travel were rebuilt in house. Radial master cylinder and brakes were also fitted, along with a 12″ over swing arm with integral air tank from Trac Dynamics. We prepared the frame to be measured, cut the factory seat rails, weld and straighten with our patented measuring and frame straightening equipment. A Penske Drag Racing Shock, specially valved and sprung to our drag racing specification should help the 68″ wheelbase powerhouse put the ponies to the pavement. Lightweight GSXR-1000 wheels and Vortex adjustable rear sets complete the rolling chassis.

The motor and electrical system are from a 2003 Hayabusa. Although we’ve maintained the stock bore and stroke, any other similarities between this bike and a stock ‘Busa motor are long gone! In preparation for the addition of the turbo system, special turbo pistons from JE, Carrillo H-Beam rods, APE adjustable cam sprockets, and heavy duty valve springs were installed. Holding the top and bottom ends together are APE Heavy Duty Head and Main Bearing Stud Kits. An RCC cable clutch conversion was added to the MTC Multi Stage Lockup clutch to provide better clutch tuning off the line. The transmission has been Pro-Cut on both transmision shafts, and an oversized billet output shaft with heavy duty bearings was added to help get all the horsepower to the rear wheel.

For the turbo, we chose the RCC Stage III Race System, with “extras”. If you’re not familiar with RCC Turbo’s they’re the guys that built some of the World’s best Turbo Systems capable of low 7 seconds, 200 MPH quarter mile passes and several land speed records.! The Turbo is a Garret GT 35-R, 44 mm V-band tial wastegate, 50mm tial blow off valve, and 3″ stainless steel race dump pipe unit, complete with water injection, and NLR’s TIC-1000 electronic control system, AMS-1000 Multistage Boost Controller. A secondary fuel rail (for a total of 8 injectors) with a stand alone computer control is piggy-backed to a polished plenum to help the stock injectors feed this monster, while a custom dump pipe handles the exhaust.

We haven’t finished the 60 plus hours of wiring this beast yet, but the progress is very exciting. This package has a potential of putting down over 550 HORSEPOWER at the rear wheel! The final work is nearly complete, and we’ll be posting the Dyno Sheets once the bike is finished.

This bike wouldn’t be complete without our shop colors and custom decals, again all done in-house!

All of the components used in this project are available at MPH. Give us a call or stop by, and let us show you what we can do with your bike.

Turbo Fat Bob - built in 2010

The Turbo ‘Busa generated a lot of conversation when it debuted at the Cleveland Motorcycle Show, but most people wanted to see a turbo system on a street bike. Can anyone say “Cruiser on Steroids”?

This 2009 Harley Davidson Fat Bob came to us in search of a little more power, and after discussing the various options, the owner elected to add a Turbo System with some accessories.

This system, while milder than the Busa, still adds big power to the Fat Bob. Its running 10 Lbs. of boost, upgraded internals, making this a true performance machine.

The blacked out intake and exhaust make this system look as good as it works. Everything tucks in nicely with no interference for the rider to deal with.

When the bike came in, it was putting down 100 Horsepower at the rear wheel. Not too bad for a stock Fat Bob running nothing more than a pipe and a Power Commander. After tuning? How about 180+ REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER - on pump gas!

We have more performance experience than any shop in the area. Feel free to give us a call about your performance dreams.

Custom Build 2015 - 2018



The bike started out as a 2012 Harley Street Glide FLHX

First thing we did was strip the bike down to the frame powder coated a glossy wet black

Cut and welded a 7 degree rake kit with 3/4" stretch

Finished up the front end with a custom 26" front wheel and Hellraiser Handlebars

Power plant

  • Upgrade to 107 Cylinders

  • Installed EZ start cams

  • Changed head bolts to studs

  • Chrome 2:2 V&H sweeps

  • Ness high-flow air cleaner

  • Body

    Custom fit and finish full body set.

  • Raked Touring fairing for 26" wheel with visor and scoop
  • Wrap around front fender

  • Custom inner fairing

  • Stretched Saddle bags 6 down and 15 back

  • Competition series saddle bag lids with integrated turn signals

  • Stretched rear fender to match bags

  • Razor Tour pack with integrated brake and turn signals and quick detach

  • Stretched side covers

  • Stretched tank covers

  • Custom one piece alligator seat

  • Complete custom overall paint job in Jet Black

  • Audio

    Compete Competition Audio System

  • A Diamond audio speaker amplifiers

  • Two Diamond audio subwoofer amplifiers

  • Two Diamond audio 6.5" competition subwoofer

  • Two speaker grill mounted Hertz tweeters

  • Custom stamped steel Speaker grills

  • Two Hertz 5250 Speakers

  • Two Hertz 6x9 Speakers

  • Completely hidden antenna

  • Dsr sound processor
  • Completion

    All of these components come together to make one killer motorcycle that has loud sound and stunning looks. If you are in the Cuyahoga Falls area you might even see it going down the road.

    Give us a call to plan and start your own custom build project to bring your dream into a reality