Suspension Services


We are a “one stop shop” when it comes to suspension and chassis geometry. We can set up your forks to any specification, from simple valve kits to 25mm cartridge kits or gas charged. MPH also offers internal fork lowering.

Standard Fork Services

Revalving Front Forks

External and Internal Fork Lowering

We can also fully service you in all your shock needs with products from well known manufacturers like Penske and Ohlins. New installs or total shock rebuilds. — if you need it, we can do it.

Rebuild Rear Shock with Upgraded Springs

Harley Suspension

Fork Monotube Kit Standard

  • Truely advanced front suspension has made its way to the Harley aftermarket. Progressive Suspension's state of the art Fork Cartridge Kit represents the peak of performance front end handling. The kit features a set of gas charged Monotube damper cartridges and a set of tuned fork springs in stock and lowered versions. Replaces all of the OEM fork internals.

Fork Monotube Kit W/ External Preload Adjust

  • Upgraded front suspension is finally available for the HD 49mm front ends. Progressive Suspension has gone back to the drawing board and created a state of the art Fork Cartridge Kit designed to outperform everything on the market. Our new asymmetrical design places a preload adjuster over a progressive rate spring in one leg and an aluminum bodied, sealed cartridge damper on the other. The result is superior damping and ride control combined with tunable preload and a new benchmark for highest quality suspension on the 49mm Dyna and Sportster platforms. Can be installed in either configuration, Standard or 1" low available for 2006+ Dyna applications and 2016 XI 48 models.

Air Ride (Rear)

  • Available in Black, Gold, or Clear Type Ill Hard-coat Anodize
  • Legend's touring specific spring rates produce superior ride quality and performance
  • REVO coils provide improved plush ride quality, control, and resistance to bottoming-out
  • REVO's extended coil length has larger "sweet spot" without increasing overall shock length
  • Allows minimal pre-load adjustments by hand when changing between riders' weights or loads
  • Adjusts by hand, no tools needed
  • Available in 13" and 14", standard or heavy-duty applications
  • Easy installation and alignment, provided by spherical bearings on both top and bottom
  • 35mm monotube construction
  • Deflective disc valve stacks
  • Balanced/Matched piston and base-valve design specific for these motorcycle applications
  • Low friction sealing system and PTFE based sliding bearings for improved performance and feel
  • Seven external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of rebound
  • Seven external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of compression
  • Provides optimum rebound and compression performance for any given rider weight, personal ride quality preference, or personal riding style
  • Nitrogen gas bladder design allows ultra-fast response and stiction-free movement
  • Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference
  • Riding styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference

Air Ride (Front)

  • Easy installation
  • Includes 2 mono-tube, dual chambered damper cartridges
  • Nitrogen chambers with internal floating pistons
  • Updated spring rate
  • Machined 303 Stainless threaded pre-load adjuster
  • Increased pre-load range allows fine tuning for various riding styles and weights
  • Ride quality is smooth and controlled
  • Improves stability, cornering and traction
  • Eliminates front-end dive during braking and maneuvering
  • Firm feel for sweeping turns
  • Eliminates bottoming out on large bumps or potholes
  • Reduces dragging floorboards and pegs
  • Designed for optimum performance with Legend rear suspensions
  • Includes Maxima Oil in cartridge and quart bottle