Fuel Tuning



Fuel injection tuning requires the latest state of the art tuning equipment and software on the market today. But all of that is meaningless without a highly trained technician that understands that technology changes every day. We at MPH have always committed to having or obtaining all of the latest information and equipment for fuel injection tuning available for our customers at all times. This knowledge and equipment takes years of hands on experience and the understanding of today’s modern fuel injection systems to give you, our customers, the best products and services available.


Almost every bike comes equip with a fuel injection system. MPH has invested in the future and will continue to offer state of the art equipment and services to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Although many tuning systems are supplied with base maps for many popular applications there is a need to custom tune the fuel and ignition mapping for customers, as well as develop new maps for your application. The question that I always get is “Do I need a custom map?” The answer is yes! All bikes run different, even the same year, make, and models with the same add-on accessories. “You ask why?” I have proved over and over again with running base runs for customers, that a map you got online or from some other shop, from you know who and they know what????, They are not even close! In some cases, they had lost smooth run ability and reliability. Every bike has its own tolerances in engine components, assembly, break in, fuel used, and maintenance on the bike. The only way to make your bike run at its best is to have a map built here at MPH.

  • Advanced mapping for true dual V-Twins
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Testing and Tuning of all combinations
  • Break-in
  • Base Run to determine what you're mapping is missing.