MPH is a full-service shop specializing in late model fuel-injected American and Metric motorcycles. Our mission is to provide our customers the most complete service repair shop under one roof. Some of the services we provide are listed below:


Motorcycles need regular maintenance to perform properly! Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

  • General services
  • Tire changes
  • Oil change
  • Forks and shock services
  • Valve Adjustments
  • Insurance Claims
  • and much much more……………

Insurance Repair

Trusted By Nationwide and Gieco and Many Other Insurance Agencies for their repairs

In a continuing effort to stay at the top of the Motorcycle Service Industry, We have joined forces with Nationwide Insurance and Geico Insurance as their Preferred motorcycle repair facility in the Northeast Serving OH, PA, KY, IN, and NY. With the state-of-the-art chassis measurement equipment we know exactly what is going on with your bike. Why take a chance on getting you bike fixed improperly?? If there is any question on where to take your bike for repair after an accident, make a couple of calls to your local dealers and ask "how do you know my chassis, forks, triple tree, and swing arm are straight?" "Can you tell me if my wheel alignment is correct?" and for that matter "SAFE" See what you get for an answer. Then call us, not only will you immediately understand the differences from all the other shop and MPH, but we will back it up with documentation. Full printouts showing certification that the chassis of your motorcycle is within factory specifications. See Mega m.a.x. for more in depth information.

To keep all of our estimate times down to a minimum MPH has invested in the same estimating software the insurance adjusters use. This cuts down on the time it takes to build and estimate your complete repair as well as determine if it is safe or cost prohibitive to repair. Once the estimate is complete and all the documentation including photos are taken we unload it to the adjuster for a final approval. Again with the use of the same software and the relationship as a repair facility this cut down the time in the shop, you off of your bike, the summer flying by, and the need for the adjuster to schedule time to come to the shop and go over the repairs in person for a second time, once again speeding the process along.

On top of chassis repair, we have access to a paint and body facility, Offering OEM paint matching and paint repair. From stock to customs designs. Even OEM designs with swapped out custom colors. Maybe you want that color they offered in a different year model, or your favorite color was never offered. This allows use to repair your bike in a shorter time than it would take the other guys to get your OEM replacement painted parts or the ability to give your bike that color change you always wanted. The manufacturer in most cases will take anywhere from 8-10-12 weeks to deliver painted parts. Our goal once we have the approval from you and the insurance company would be to turn a paint job in 3-5 weeks.*

With our ability to order all OEM parts or aftermarket parts our repairs are smooth and efficient. MPH will keep you "our valued customer" informed of any delay to the repair as quickly as possible if they arise. Unfortunately, MPH has no control over OEM back orders or release times but when possible, we exhaust all options to find that part sitting on a dealer's shelf somewhere across the country when available. If there is an option to replace a given part with an equivalent aftermarket part, we give you the option, but you are in charge if you would like to wait for the OEM. This is not normally a problem but does occur from time to time.