Suzuki GSX-R1000 (01 – 08)suzuki gsxr 1000

 Street/Drag Racing Packages

Every engine we build is custom built to the customer’s specific needs. Please give us a call today so that we can spec an engine for you. All engine prices assume that your motor is in good working condition; any additional parts or repairs would be extra. (eg. 2nd gear, head damage, rod knock, ect.)

To say their are only a few motor combinations available for the GSX-R1000 is an understatement. MPH have been building and racing the monster GSXR in Roadracing and Drag racing for most of my racing carreer. We have built this motor in hundreds of different combinations and have found that the GSX-R1000 engine to be the most resatile motorcycle engine on the world. Mild to wild street bikes,  drag bikes, Roadracing to Pro AMA superbikes, we have built them all.

Stage 1 – 155 to 175hp:

This would be the first step in any performance upgrade. It would include all the bolt on and external modifications to get rid of the manufacturers limitations like the restrictive exhaust, hi flow air box mod, air/fuel correction, ect. Power Commander III USB or Powercommander V – $309-$319 Full System $799 – $2299, BMC Air Filter $89-$129, Dyno Tune $275, Pair air block off kit $50-$75, TRE $125-$159, Labor $350

Stage 2  – 175 to 191hp:

This is a continuation to the previous stage but with the addition of a CNC ported head, custom cams, and hi compression piston blue printed for best piston to head clearance but maintaining the stock piston bore. This will improved top end acceleration with the bigger cams and better mid range hit with adjusting the cam timing.  CNC head $1050-$1350, Thin Head gasket $170, Custom ground cams $825 – $1100, Upgraded Valve Springs $160, Cam Sprockets $165, Manual Cam Chain Tensioner $75, Labor and Dyno Tune $1375.

Stage 3 – 190 to 205hp:

This is where the real serious players come to play. MPH offers big bore kits for your 01-08 GSXR1000 1042cc, 1043cc, 1070cc, 1071cc, and 1078cc overbore kits. These motors make 190 to 205hp and fully streetable.

All of the overbore kits require overboring and Nickel Silicon Carbide plating. Main bearings, rod bearing, and gasket kit

Stage 4  – 203 to 220hp:


For the monster of all monsters you can combine a 3mm piston package with a 4mm stroker crank to make a monster (01-04)1143cc or (05-08) 1172cc(3.6mm) with  over 207 hp and over 107 lbs-ft of torque. See our stroker cranks for more information. Tons of configurations for everything from wild street to purpose built drag bike. These motors must be built with loads of customs parts. CP, Wiseco, JE pistons, Carrillo H beam rods, mtc billet Clutch basket, and much gsxr 1000 motor3