2mil stroker crankStroker Crankshafts

This process involves moving the rod journals away from centerline to increase the overall stroke in the engine. This modification can be performed on cranks that have damaged rod journals, as well as good cranks. MPH can have ALL 4 CYLINDER PLAIN-BEARING CRANKS STROKE. Contact MPH for stroker recommendations for your engine: (330) 922-8000


Welded stroker Kits (core required )

  • gsxr stroker crank kit

    Includes welded stroker on customer supplied core, Balancer gear removed, “draglite” machining, and race balanced to less than 1/3 gram and Carrillo stroker rods.

  • 4 mm Welder stroker kit. $1995
  • 6 mm Welded stroker kit  $1995( stroker pistons required )

All strokers from MPH are race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

Call for pricing: (330) 922-8000

MPH has the excess weight removed from your crankshaft and then balances it to race specs. Lightened crankshafts rev much quicker. The recontoured counterweights have less drag spinning through the oil mist resulting in more power to the wheel. (The crankshaft pictured above has had counterbalance gear removed – optional.) The crankshafts have the oil holes modified to provide more oil to the bearing. Then it is computer balanced for continued operation at high RPM’s.

GSXR1000 racers. When you opt for the optional counter balancer removed, we can get your crank as light as the new BMW S1000RRs, one of the secrets to it’s brutal acceleration

For services and pricing contact MPH (330) 922-8000


GSXR stroker crankMPH is the acknowledge leader in stroker cranks for GSXR. All strokers are fully nitrided for extra long bearing
journal life. All cranks have standard rod journal sizes making bearing selection a snap. We can stroke any stroke that fits your engine program, however the most popular is a 4mm stroker crank, this size requires carrillo stroker rods. This size when used with a 1070 piston kit makes the very popular 1143cc motor. (add $50 for race balancing)

With a 6mm stroker crank , this size requires Carrillo stroker rods and custom pistons.   This size when used with a 1070 piston kit makes the very popular 1179cc motor. $855.70 (add $50 for race balancing)

Complete GSXR1000 stroker kit with Carillo H-Beam Rods Includes lighten, balance. $2109.00
Drag Lite (GSXR1000 only – heavier than full-lighten, customers crank core required) $2109.00

All strokers are race balanced to less than 1/3 gram. APE is the only source for these micro balanced strokers.


GSXR1000 2005-2008

When you remove the crankshaft counterbalancer gear from your GSXR1000 there’s no sense in keeping the heavy balancer mechanism in the cases. Remove the balancer mechanism and its bearings and replace everything with this lightweight aluminum dummy shaft. The precise fit blocks oil passages.


The ultimate GSXR1000 stroker kit.
Kit includes new Billet stroker crankshaft, and Carrillo stroker rods. Crankshaft is race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

  • 4 MM Billet stroker kit. $3690
  • 6 MM Billet stroker kit. $3690 (stroker pistons required)


Kit consist of a Gen 2 Hayabusa crankshaft, but you can’t buy this one from Suzuki or anyone else. Rod journals are fluted for extra
oil at the rod bearings. Micro polished. Computer balanced to less than 1/3 gram. ( these cranks don’t come from Suzuki balanced that well) This allows you to run this crank with the counterbalancer removed if you like. Includes certificate of balance. A spacer plate allows this crank to bolt into earlier busas without changing rods or pistons. (Use 08 main bearings) When used with a 1397 motor, it yields 1441cc.

Stock Cranks list at $1,341.00 from Suzuki.

Also available fully lightened and balanced $1349
Includes counterbalancer gear removal and Spacer Plate. Computer balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

Remove the heavy counterbalance mechanism and replace it with this lightweight aluminum “dummy” shaft.


reworked crankshaftMPH is the acknowledge leader in stroker cranks for Hayabusas. All strokers are fully nitrided for extra long bearing journal life. All cranks have standard Hayabusa rod journal sizes making bearing selection a snap. All strokers are race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

Options include lighten/balance and removal of the counterbalance gear.

We can stroke any stroke that fits your engine program, however the most popular are:

  • 5 mm: Can be used with a 2.5 mm stroker plate, or 2.5 mm carrillo rods and no stroker plate. When used with a 1397 piston kit makes the very popular 1507cc motor.
  • 6 1/4 mm: This is the largest size that can be used with a spacer plate and stock cam chain. When used with 1397 piston kit, yields 1535cc
  • 8 1/2 mm: This size requires a .067″ spacer plate and 2.5 mm Carrillo rods to be used with a stock cam chain. Or with a
    larger spacer plate and an APE roller cam chain conversion kit. Must use an ’08 or later crankshaft. When used with a 1397
    piston kit, yields 1585cc


  • 8.5mm strokerbusa billet crank
  • 9mm stroker
  • 10 mm stroker
  • 11mm stroker
  • 8.5 stroker with offset journals $3195.00
  • 10 mil stroker with offset journals $3195.00

The most popular service is lightening and race balancing cranks for racing and hot rod street bike use. This service consist of precision machining the crank for weight removal and counterweight reshaping, computer race balancing for extended high RPM use, reworking the oil holes on rod journals for increased oil flow at the bearing, and micro polishing all journals. The balancing department uses the latest state of the art computerized balancer that is capable of measuring dynamic out of balance to .01 of a gram.

These crankshafts have won championships in virtually all kinds of racing; road racing, drag racing, three quarter midgets, dwarf cars, mini sprints, etc. Every model crank is different and requires a different style of modification.

The advantage of a lightened crank… Much quicker throttle response, less power wasted trying to turn a heavy crank means more power to the rear wheel. The engine accelerates faster. Harder pull off the corners. Reshaped counterweights move through the oil mist with less drag. Lighter cranks have less gyro effect. As all racers know, heavy wheels and brakes spinning fast act like gyroscopes, and resist being moved off their axis, such as leaning the bike over for cornering. Same with the crank. The heavier the spinning crank, the more it resist being tilted when cornering. Light cranks not only make more power, but help improve handling.


Need a stronger race-ready crank? Forged from alloy steel and knife edged for performance,  Billet Steel Crankshafts have become the standard in the racing world. We offer billet cranks for select superbikes and select off-road applications. They start with
quality-certified E4340 steel, which produces the highest possible tensile strength and durability. Then, they double heat-treat the crankshaft before grinding the rod and main journals to size. Finally, they micro-finish the bearing surfaces and precision machine the drive gears to exacting tolerances.

Many Billet Stroker Crankshaft for the single cylinder engines as well. You get the advantages of their lighter, stronger Knife Rod and professional dynamic balancing for smooth running. Unlike many stock cranks, a Billet Crank can be rebuilt. The Knife Rod has two pin-oiler holes in the small end to improve the oiling of the wristpin. They also install a bronze bushing in the small end to prevent galling. All this adds up to better performance, in a stronger race-ready crank.

  • SUZUKI SV650 (ROAD RACE) STROKER (66.2MM) $2407
  • HARLEY VROD BILLET 1/4″ STROKER (78.5MM) $2100
  • HARLEY VROD BILLET 1/2″ STROKER (84.5MM) $2100

billet-sv-crankselect other cranks are available but not listed