performance upgrades

Fuel & Timing Recalibrations

Most modern motorcycles are restricted in one or more of the following ways:

  • Decreased Ignition Timing at High RPM and/or Lower Gears (1—2—3—4)
  • Limited Hard Acceleration by Restricting Secondary Throttle Blade Opening
  • Reduced Peak Power Output by Limited Ignition Timing and/or RPM
  • Top Speed Limit or High Gear RPM Limits

These factory restrictions are used to control power output to allow easier control of the motorcycle for street conditions. However, these will limit the full potential of engine. Allowing us to perform fueling and timing recalibration will eliminate these restrictions and allow your engine to run the way it should.

What is Flashing? The computer that takes information from the various sensors on the engine like crankshaft RPM, manifold pressure and throttle position to determine how much fuel to deliver through the fuel injectors and when to fire the ignition coils.

The computer "chip" that is the heart of the motorcycle is usually an EEPROM —— an Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory chip. The Read Only part of that means the chip retains its programming without periodic electronic refreshing; loss of electrical power doesn't lead to the chip losing its programming (It's I" the CMOS BIOS of a computer). "Flashing" the chip involves electronically erasing the read only program and replacing it with new, updated information (the engine control 'map').

What does it do? Our recalibration services remove restrictions that the OEM's have programmed to meet government regulations and that reduce throttle response and power output for novice riders. Early speed and RPM limiters, reduced acceleration and limited peak power output are all ways the manufacturers have restricted these motorcycles. We adjust these settings to unlock the full potential of your engine. Find your make/model below to see all the features we include with our services.