Just like with the standard mega-M.A.X frame measurement, you’ll be provided with a print out of your Geometry measurements. before and after “maximizing” your bike.  This will tell you in a clear and concise manner what parameters needed to be adjusted.


Adjusting your geometry for best performance is called “maximizing”. When we set up a chassis’s geometry we start at a known set of dimensions for that model and riding style combination. With some fine tuning based on rider feed back, we arrive at the values that work best for you. Since the mega-M.A.X System stores all these values we can always return to the maximum chassis geometry after a crash or if you upgrade to a new ride.

Maximizing consists of several steps.cmd_what-if[1]

  • Frame measurement
  • CMS measurment
  • Rider input
  • Simulation
  • Setting front and rear sag
  • Adjustment of all compression and rebound settings
  • Chassis adjustments
  • Final measurement for verification
  • Complete explaination of setup and how to maintain chassis
  • Trouble shooting rider preferences once ridden.