Why chassis and frame measurements are essential

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When and why should a chassis or frame be measured after an accident

  • For your personal safety. – A distorted steering head angle and therefore changed castor is one of the reasons for high speed wobbling
  • as documentation for insurers and surveyors. – After the insurance has settled, it is difficult to make further claims, e.g. a bent frame
  • to provide documentation validity when selling a used bike. – Legally, every accident or even falling over, must be declared to the buyer. The seller may be required, even after a long period of time, to take back the bike. Arguments concerning the condition of the frame or chassis will be avoided by providing documentary proof
  • because it’s long been standard practice in the automobile branch. – Wheel alignment measurement of accident damaged cars is routine practice in nearly every workshop

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Before starting repairs or restoration workjig

  • To exclude the possibility of a false investment. – Checking the frame geometry is the first requirement before ordering lots of expensive spare or replacement parts.

When buying a used bike

  • Your personal safety. – Minor accident traces are often found on used bikes. A measurement is required to determine the extent of damage..

With handling problems

  • As an important element in determining the fault. – Defects in frame geometry(bends or twists) are easily and quickly detectable with a frame measurement. Expensive and time consuming replacement of parts and test drives are avoided.



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global jigIf the motorcycle needs to be straightened, we have the most accurate jig available – the “MOTO-JIG”. The Moto-Jig is manufactured by Globaljig, (one of the most experienced and respected companies in the business) and was designed to work in conjunction with the mega-M.A.X. System. Unlike other systems that require the motorcycle to be removed from the straightening jig to be remeasured, the design of the Moto-Jig and the mega-M.A.X. system allow us to verify the measurements while the motorcycle is still in the jig. This ensures accuracy and saves time – getting you back on the road sooner!

cmd_protocol[1]As always MPH has taken these two pieces of equipment and made them even better. We have designed and manufactured adapters and additional fixtures to work in conjunction with the latest advances in the manufacturers frame technology including Harley Davidson’s, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha to name a few. The reason for the additional time and development cost incurred on MPH, at the end of the day it is to give you better service.

Due to the experience and expertise straightening motorcycle frames for the last 15 years, Nationwide, Geico, State Farm, and other Insurance Companies have used our services to repair and straighten frames. For further information check out our insurance repair. – more