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No other system provides as many advantages

  • No dismantling with nearly all bikes (including fairings)
  • Measurements within 30 minutes start to finish
  • Measurements are carried out automatically – user errors are reduced to the minimum
  • User friendly- the system prompts with step by step instructions guiding through the measuring procmega m.a.x. how does it workess
  • Results of the measurement are not affected by the state of the front fork, or swingarm damages
  • Upgraded our mega-m.a.x. system with the optional CMS for chassis tuning.
  • Get definitive information and measurements on chassis variables
  • Automatic self-tests check and recalibrate the system in order to minimize maintenance and the possibility of errors
  • Measurements of all relevant components of the bike are possible such as: main frame, sub frame, swingarm. etc.


The principle of the system

The mega-m.a.x. is a new opto-electronic system which is microprocessor controlled. The principal components are a large measuring bracket with two electronic measuring cameras, the sighting or ‘target’ bracket with two infrared illuminated targets and an integrated microprocessor. The controlling and measuring program includes the motorcycle manufacturers reference data. The program runs on a Laptop. The measuring cameras take the position of the targets at the front of the bike. Several measurements at different positions of the handlebar deliver the data for the microprocessor to calculate the exact steering head axis. This means the mega-m.a.x.-measures the bike without removal of the front fork and most likely any other part other than to gain access for mounting, but the results are 100% unaffected by any possible distortion of the front fork. An adapted laser for minor jobs such as the measuring of the sub-frame and the swingarm, is included on the system. The display shows the ‘easy to understand’ instructions for the mounting of the gauge and the complete measuring procedure. The results from the measurement makes it easy to compare the results with the bike manufacturers specifications.

Mounting – positioning

m.a.x. makes measurimounting position maxng motorcycle frames as easy as 1,2,3. The user doesn’t even have to remove any parts and on some models only the seat has to be removed*. Minimal preparation work and the computer-controlled measurement minimize the possibility of human error. Ease of use is guaranteed by the guidance the user gets from the software. It is ‘self explaining’ and leads the mechanic through the whole procedure.

Innovative Technology

The m.a.x. system is a safety innovation produced by Scheibner Measuring Technology. Frame and chassis measurement is a necessary process to detect any kind of frame or chassis distortion. The max was designed to accomplish this with accuracy you can rely on. Workshops who are looking to the future of motorcycle repair / diagnosis need look no further than this system. It is the only system that is capable of measuring the new generation chassis (e.g. BMW RI 100, Yamaha GTS1000). For our customers it means confidence and piece of mind after an accident or when buying a used motorcycle. When exact results are needed quickly the m.a.x. will deliver again and again.max

Frame measurement means primarily the determination of the relationship of two axes, the steering head to the swingarm axis. m.a.x. is a new opto-electronic system which is microprocessor controlled. The principal components are a measuring bracket with two electronic measuring cameras, the target unit with the two infrared illuminated targets and an integrated microprocessor. The bracket is centered in the swingarm pivot. The target unit is mounted on the rotating elements of the front fork. A laptop computer  provides the calculations and handles the measuring process.

The two targets in the target unit describe a sector of a circle around the steering head axis when the front fork is turned. The measuring cameras determine and calculate the position of the two targets. With two measurements, one to the left and one to the right, m.a.x. is able to determine the axis. An additional laser on the rear of the bracket allows the measurement of the sub-frame and the swingarm. The position of the laser, parallel to the swingarm axis, is automatically detected by its travel on an integrated potentiometer.

m.a.x. allows the measurement of motorcycles, without removing any parts. On many bikes only the driver seat has to be removed! The measurement can be completed within 30 minutes.

The basic steps of the measuring procedure :max_laser[1]

    • Mounting the bracket with its centering pins into the recess of the swingarm pivot bolt.
    • Fastening the target unit to the front fork with the provided clamping system.
    • Connecting the laptop, selecting the make and model from the included manufacturers data list.
    • Following the instructions on the computer screen by the taking one measurement with the front fork turned left and one turned right and finally back to the left to verify accuracy.
    • When required, position the laser at the rear of the bracket on the measuring points of the tail and the swingarm .
    • The comparison between the results and the manufacturers data are shown on the screen.
    • The camera’s constantly monitor the measuring procedure

Software & Updates

The easy to use m.a.x. system guides the user through the whole procedure. A separate manual is not really necessary. Assistance, when required, is provided by the program. The software includes a full list of the available manufacturers data. Regular updates can be obtained on request or by agreement.

m.a.x. is the only instrument capable of measuring the new generation of chassis (e.g..BMW R1100, Yamaha GTS 1000) and therefore is the system of the future. Measuring the bare frame is of course no problem. The unique data base includes over 1150 different models, covering the full scale of bikes on the market today. Regular updates and constant access to the latest data via Internet downloads guarantee the most accurate and current data at all times.

cmd_protocol[1]The m.a.x. – measurement report



*subject to specific makes and models. Some bikes may need partial disassembly to gain access to mounting points.