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The computer software has a simulation feature built in that works in conjunction with the Chassis Maximizing System (CMS) that allows us to “virtually” test setup changes to the motorcycle BEFORE you hit the road or track. The software program computes changes in front and/or rear ride height, tire diameter differences, swing arm length changes due to sprocket size or swingarm extentions, etc. before we actually make the physical changes to bike directly. The CMS is a percision rail that works in conjunction with the mega-m.a.x. to aquire all the measurements needed to calculate numerious key factors to give us this numeric motorcycle.  This also allows us to see the effects of simulated modifications to the rake, trail, and swingarm slope or any other figures in the table, on screen in advance. Mega m.a.x.

The additional CMS (Chassis Maximizing System) will provide all you need for the fine-tuning of the chassis. The system has a simulation feature that allows you to fine tune the geometry of your bike right on the computer screen. Optimum performance for the racetrack or for any customer with sporting ambitions, or just wanting to change tire manufacturer and restore their handling chariteristics. For example, we can see what effect changing tire brands or tire sizes will have on rake, trail, swing-arm slope, or any of the other values due to tire diameter differences from one brand to another.

What it all boils down to is making motorcycle riding more fun and more comfortable, racing a little safer, and riding at your limits more predictable. Whatever your needs may be – crash repair, a more comfortable ride, quicker ¼ mile, better lap times – our revolutionary procedures help motorcycles perform the best they can. We solve problems that some riders don’t even know they have.  Look at it this way, you don’t know better till you have ridden a better setup. You will be amazed with the results.cmd