CHASSIS GEOMETRYchassis geometry

In addition to measuring the critical dimensions already mentioned, the mega-M.A.X. System is capable of measuring the geometry of the motorcycle chassis. Important values such as rake, trail, wheel base, swingarm length and swingarm slope, front and rear ride height are measured with the mega-M.A.X. and the Chassis Maximizing System attachment. This is only performed once we know that the chassis is straight or has been straightened. This gives a starting point to the true geometry of your motorcycle.

With these numbers we have generated a numerical picture of your chassis. This allows MPH to determine the characteristics of your motorcycles handling and rid-ability. We can tell if the bike likes to turn or not, how stable it will feel at higher speeds or normal cruising. With my years of pro level competition, I can determine first hand how your bike will fell just by looking at these numbers. The advantages that can be made at this point are endless. As always in all motorsports technology steaming from racing, it’s the use of this information in our everyday vehicle and powersports vehicle that makes them so great. So if you have a street bike, trackday bike, race bike or touring Harley and you think this doesn’t apply, think again. For example Harleys are by far the most ill handling motorcycles I have ever road off the show room floor. With a little accurate data and some information on your riding style, including what type of riding you like to do, MPH can turn that same Harley into the best bike you have ever ridden when it leaves our showroom. Don’t take my word for it check out our testimonial.cmd measurment

You trackday guys and gals don’t know what your missing. Want to drop seconds per lap and not even break a sweat doing it. Make a lap in complete control and better your best lap time ever consistently, give me a call or better yet have your buddy give me a call but don’t be surprised if you can’t keep up with them anymore. The best part of it all is that feeling of riding out of control will be gone. The bike will take more and more as your riding level continues to improve. You will be able to work on you riding skills without worrying if the bike going to high-side you to the moon. Don’t take my word for it check out our testimonial.

All kidding aside, this is what took me from average regional roadracer to AMA Pro Superbike and 48 regional and National Championships. As well as the 2001 AMA Horizon Award Winner that I share with riders likes Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies, and Blake Young. – more