mega m.a.x.MPH has made an investment in the latest repair technology – the Scheibner “mega-M.A.X.” Frame and Chassis Measurement System.  The mega-M.A.X. System was designed in Germany, and is by far the most accurate system available for measuring a motorcycle chassis and geometry.  Unlike other systems that rely on measuring motorcycles to develop their dimensional database, the mega-M.A.X. contains the Factory Specifications of more than 1,150 motorcycles and compares your motorcycle to that information.  The Database is continually updated and helps to eliminate “human error”, making the mega-M.A.X. System the superior solution for quick and precise measurements without dismantling the motorcycle! *

How Geometry/Misalignment’s affect a modern sport bike or cruiser.
Have you ever experienced any of the following?
Slow, lazy steering – nervous or twitchy front end - Runs wide on entry, mid or exit of a turn- Front end washing out, No front end feedback or feel - Poor traction, too much wheel spin – Little to no confidence under heavy braking - High speed instability (head shakes) - Poor feed back - under steering / over steering- Dramatic change in response or feel after tire change, accident, high side, low side, or any time the end of the bar touches the ground.

What does improved geometry/ misalignment correction reflect?
Stability -Not heavy or nervous and twitchy
Steering- Easy turn-in and holds the second half of the corner snug
Traction -Front and rear hooked up, entry mid-turn and turn exit
Braking- Confidence-inspiring, not sketchy

Step 1 – Measurement

mega m.a.x. frame measurmentStep one is measuring the bike. This identifies handling problems resulting from production misalignment’s, offsets and twists as well as problems from crash damage. Measurements are performed by the Scheibner Mega-M.A.X. with a computerized system programmed specifically to measure, calculate and align motorcycles. You might be surprised at how much standard production tolerances can affect your handling. Now that the bike has been measured you will be provided with a clear, concise, easy to read printout of the results. The printout shows at a glance how close each critial measurement it to the factory specifications and where the problem areas are located.

  • Mainframe/swingarm Measurement: $125 (typically no bodywork removal required) No geometry data provided. Any part removal for the sake of measuring will be billed separately and discussed at time of drop off.
  • Full frame, swingarm and geometry measurement: $175 (removal of lower fairing may be required)

 Step 2 – Alignment/Correction

motorcycle frame straighteningBy the time we are done with the measurement process we’ll know a considerable amount about your motorcycle. We’ll analyze the alignment, the fluidity of the steering rotation, the trueness of the wheels and rotors, the sub-frame alignment, the condition of both shock and linkage, the alignment of both forks and triple clamps, the condition of the steering stops, and a general chassis inspection.

motorcycle frame straighteningThis analysis reveals the level of alignment/correction needed. The areas of most concern are the triple clamps, steering head angle, main frame, swing-arm distortion and alignment, forks and wheels. These show up as twists, caster, camber, and lateral misalignment’s.(i.e. short or long). We then complete a written estimate to determine the cost to repair the alignment problems. (i.e.. short or long).

  • Frame Straightening: Repair is on a per application basis. We do minor to major frame straightening, also we can straighten fork and triple clamp on most bikes.

Step 3 – Geometry Setup

In this phase we look at your geometry numbers.  In the computer we can manipulate front and rear ride heights, swing-arm angle and lengths to achieve the proper rake, trail and swing-arm slope.

Note: Geometry numbers are highly dependent on tire brands and sizes. Once we have determined where to set the geometry we then apply them to your bike and measure the bike again to make sure we got what we’re looking for.

Every rider has a different style and likes a different feel. After riding the bike it can be fine tuned to your preferences if needed.

Geometry is critical to a motorcycle’s stability, maneuverability and handling. The Mega-M.A.X. is an indispensable tool in finding the optimum setup.mega m.a.x. geometry cmd

  • Geometry Setup Recommendation: case by case
  • Geometry Setup (front/rear ride height, etc.): $375.00 and up depending on the solution

* some models require minor dis-assembly to access swingarm pivot points or clearance of the M.A.X. system.