How do I get more power out of my Harley?v&h exhaust

“How to get more power” is one of the most frequently asked question received about improving a Harley’s performance. Some people are looking for more “get up and go” from their stock engines, while others are looking for higher dyno numbers.

For those who have a stock or mildly modified engine the answer is to move up to the next “stage”… or a Stage 1 kit to be more exact. Before dragging out the catalogs and bolting on every gizmo claiming to make your ride go faster let’s start with the basics of a Stage 1 upgrade.
You’ve probably heard terms such as Stage 1, Stage 2, etc. Now depending on who you ask, a Stage 1 upgrade could be anything from an exhaust upgrade to a new carburetor. I’m going to define the term as we use it:

STAGE ONE - upgrade consists of the following:high flow air cleaner

  1. Free breathing air cleaner.
  2. Free breathing exhaust.
  3. Re-jetted carburetor or remapped EFI.

There is probably no greater beginning upgrade you can make than Stage One which is entirely a bolt-on procedure. If you want you can take this upgrade one step at a time however, I recommend going in the order listed above if not all at once.

STAGE TWO- consists of the following

Engines do not involve any internal changes to the engine other than replacing the camshaft and camshaft bearing. All modifications are made by bolt-in changes. Some special tools and training is required to perform these modifications. Unless you are a very good mechanic, it is recommended you bring in your ride to MPH to install the camshaft and bearing. For those of you that want to install the camshaft yourself, use extreme caution. Over the past several years we have installed and tested many manufacturers components. The list of parts we use in building the ultimate Stage 2 engine is the end result of years of testing. The best of the individual components were selected and tested as a individual part as well as a package. The fact that virtually all the parts used for the Stage 2 are based on everything we have dyno tested from years is no coincidence.  As always we recommend the best components for the application, budget, and riding requirements.

tc gear driveAll the parts used are readily available through our parts department if you wish to tackle this on your own. The components were installed and tested on several models from FLHX toFXD Dyna Super Glide. Custom tuning was performed to achieve the results. All components were installed according to the manufacturer instructions supplied.

The results are due to a well matched set of parts. MPH feel that years of experiance allows use to develop these packages. I have seen many bike come into the shop with brand x cam, brand y heads, and z tuning system with very poor results. All of our packages are based on the riding experiance and not the ending number on the dyno sheet. I feel the best packages a designed for the rider and not the dyno!

Still not enough power for your needs? We decided to find out what happens when you take the above stages and add it all to a

STAGE THREE – Big Bore Kits

Is all about cubic inches. “Big Bore Kits”. With the addition of displacement to your motor MPH considers this the biggest bang for the buck. This goes back to the argument in the automotive muscle cars. And the question on everyones mind is “small block” or tc big bore“BIG Block”. The same is true here. Whether you have an 88″, 95″ 103″ there is a big bore package out there for your application. When setting up this stage it will take years of MPH’s knowledge and blue printing motor building practices to achieve the results you looking for. Yes any back yard mechanic can throw on a set of jugs but thats not what we do. There are several steps involed in building a long lasting, fire breathing, window rattling, stump puller Harley other than just bolting on a set of jugs. Things like ring end gap, piston to wall clearances, piston to deck, piston to head, and piston to valve to name a few. So the next time you want your hard earned money spent on some beer for your buddy to assemble your thousands of dollars of parts so he can turn your pistons into ash trays good luck. This Stage is for qualified mechanics ONLY.


STAGE FOUR- Icing on the cake

Plain and simple, a set of CNC ported heads. Many options are available along with porting like oversize valves, updated valve springs, compession releases. The list goes on…… cnc heads

Regardless of STAGE of your build MPH take pride in servicing your needs and budget. We take an approach to engine building from a customers point of view. How much is it going to cost and how much am I going to get for that hard earned money. If you trust our methods the best way to build a motor of your dreams is to sit down with me “Doug” and with your relistic budget in mind, I will build you the best, most reliable motor for the money. Plain and Simple!