Harly DavidsonWelcome to MPH- Maximun Performance & Handling, dedicated to the pursuit of Harley Davidson performance and what makes your ride a greater experience. If you’re like me, then improving and maintaining your Harley Davidson’s performance is all part of the Harley experience.

Whether it is fine tuning your bike’s fuel system, upgrading the exhaust, or improving the overall ride, look, and feel, for most of us enhancing performance is a big part of owning a Harley. Everything we do to our motorcycles make that next ride all the more satisfying.

Sometimes it’s confusing to know what will work when it comes to performance improvements, so lets define performance as MPH view’s it. Performance comes in many forms. The most common, motor performance. Horsepower and Torque but to us there are other performance upgrades. Suspension and Chassis for one. How your Harley rides and handles. This is a weak point in all Harley’s with some easy fixes. Finally the performance of appeal. This is all about the bling, what makes this Harley yours and only yours. The custom stuff, your personality. From paint work, chrome, and billet machining. The “Theme Bike” you get it, so lets get back to it.

paint layout

custom paint







Often what is advertised as “Performance” or the newest style turns out to be a waste of time and money. Hopefully with the information found here a MPHohio.com  you can get a better idea of what will improve your motorcycle’s performance and also save you some money by doing it right the first time. There is no better feeling (other than riding your Harley) than saving money that would have been spent at a Harley dealership’s service department for mediocre work. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your riding experience, dollars spent, MPH will alway steer you in the right direction. Performing only the services needed and offering only the best upgrades for you riding style. Check out the stages of builds and other performance upgrades in your future located here. 

Since new products and Harley services are added often, be sure to keep up to date by checking in with us before your next upgrade or service so we can keep you up on the latest advancements we have found in the industry.  Readers are also encouraged to submit their ideas and tech tips on our facebook page. Bookmark this to check back and see what’s new. 

Be sure to check out our Harley customers talking Performance @ MPHohio on Facebook. Here you can post your questions or share anything motorcycle related with other riders. Include photos of your ride. The forum is your place to get tech advice, express your opinion, or just tell others about a great ride or event.

MPH is your source of information to build, tune and maintain high performance Harley-Davidson street and racing motorcycles. You can find the information needed for tuning, modification, preparation and maintenance for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Whether you are a new rider looking for a place to take you step-by-step  to modify your fuel system, installing a new cam, want to find out what impact drag pipes have on horse power and torque of your Harley-Davidson engine, or an experienced drag racer looking for the latest cam specifications, at MPH we have the technical information to take care of your ride.

For interests ranging from motorcycle drag racing, hot street performance or just getting the best possible performance from your current bike, MPH- Maximum Performance & Handling is your reference guide and forum for your interests. We are your source of solid technical services you can put to use today. When it comes to engine tuning, changing carburetors, carburetor re-jetting, fuel injection tuning, picking a camshaft, camshaft installation, dyno tuning, exhaust systems, cylinder head modifications, performance modifications, suspension tuning or just routine maintenance, MPH-Maximun Performance & Handling has the answers you need.

Services provided by MPH covers engines made by Harley-Davidson and its clones. Our services are on  the 1340 Evolution engine, Twin Cam, Sportster, V-Rod, and Buell.