Product Overview

The LCD Display connects to any Power Commander (some BMW models excluded) via a “quick disconnect” cable. It is designed to remain on the bike and is weather resistant. While connected, the unit will display all available data from the Power Commander. When the optional Multi-Function Hub is also installed all of its data is available for viewing as well.

NOTE: Your Power Commander’s firmware may need to be updated to use this device.

Easy Installation & Mounting

The new LCD Unit can easily be mounted with TECHMOUNT accessory mounting systems. For a complete guide of TECHMOUNT accessory mounting systems, please visit: TECHMOUNTS.COM




Additional Features and Capabilities

Easy Removal, Mounting and Programmability

The unit can be removed easily from the bike and programmed with a desktop computer. Maps can be downloaded, stored and the data viewed with the supplied software. As new functions, screen and features become available the unit is “user deable”                    using the supplied USB cable and free downloads available in this site under downloads and map downloads.

Connect LCD Unit to Wideband Commander (Power Commander III USB Only!)

The new LCD Unit can easily be connected to the Dynojet Wide Band Commander. via a Harness cable. This cable is a replacement for the standard LCD cable which enables the user to connect to a Wide Band Commander. With this cable connected the LCD is able to display actual air/fuel readings and any accessory input connected to the WBC.

Power Commander LCD-100 Unit Featureslcd_unit_on_harley_2

  • Can be connected to Power Commander III usb and/or Wideband Commader units
  • Convenient touch screen
  • View live channel data: RPM, TP%, duty cycle, fuel change, ignition change, & Air/Fuel Ratio (w/Wideband Commander connected)
  • Display map position with hub
  • Calibrate TP s
  • Adjust fuel trims – Low – Mid – High
  • Able to store multiple maps and send them on the fly to the Power Commander (requires user supplied SD card, 1gb max)
  • Quick Shifter configuration
  • USB programmable, and upgradeable
  • Comes with Display File Manager software

Power Commander LCD-200 Unit Features

  • Can be connected to Power Commander V, WideBand2, AutoTune, CMD and CMD Marine units
  • Convenient touch screen
  • View live channel data RPM, TP, map position (when using map switch), duty cycle, fuel change, ignition change & Air/Fuel Ratio (w/WB2 or AutoTune connected)
  • Adjust fuel trims – Low – Mid – High
  • Able to store multiple maps and send them on the fly to the PCV* and CMD Marine units (requires user supplied SD card, 1gb max)
  • Log data information
  • Play back logs in the LCD as well as view them in Excel and other programs
  • Able to see gear position and wheel speed
  • Calibrate TP%, Speed, Gear, Analog input configuration for boost, engine temp, etc
  • Performs the WideBand2 sensor test
  • Adjust Lambda Smoothing
  • USB programmable, and upgradeable
  • Comes with Display File Manager software
  • * will not send SFM maps

General Power Commander LCD Unit Features

  • Displays all Power Commander data “real-time”
  • Allows storage & swtiching between multiple maps
  • Data loggin capable (Requires SD Memory Card, must be purchased seperately)
  • “On Screen” map adjustments
  • User comfigurable screens
  • USB programmable & upgradable
  • Active Matrix TFT LCD 240×320 16 bit color screen




The Dynojet Micro Display is a digital display gauge for Harley Davidson Softail, Road King and Dyna models. The Micro Display utilizes the latest LCD technology for perfect daytime clarity and cool backlighting at night.

Product Features

The Micro Display is machined from billet aluminum for superior durability and then chrome plated for that show bike finish, offering user defined ‘cool blue’ or ‘standard natural’ backlighting, RPM tachometer bar graph indication, engine temperature reading, clock, and a 3 Megabright LED shiftlight array for optimum RPM gear shifts plus turn signal & high beam indicators.
The Dynojet Micro Display gauge simply attaches to the back of the original speedometer tank housing of the Road King models in seconds using 3M’s patented adhesive tape system resulting in a very clean ‘straight from the factory’ look or can be mounted        from the handle bar area using the supplied custom fitting kit for Softail and Dyna models. The Dynojet Micro Display features a universal wiring harness which can be installed to most Harley Davidson models and is weatherproof to IP66 specifications,           indicating it is impervious to damage from natural elements.mvubi
  • Tacho/RPM bar graph
  • Temperature reading
  • Clock (12 hour)
  • 3 Ultra-bright shiftlights
  • High beam repeater
  • Show chrome finish
  • Machined from billet aluminium
  • Simple installation
  • Matches OEM appearance
The Dynojet Micro Display digital gauge requires attaching to your existing wiring loom. The universal wiring harness supplied have been designed to lay through the bike so the appropriate wires fall into their respective positions close to the connection areas. Typically there are just 4 wires to connect: high beam, indicators left and right, and RPM sensing from an ignition coil.
The Harley temperature gauge sensor is supplied in the universal harness and is a copper ring terminal thermister type – very accurate. This sensor is attached to the front 3/8” engine mount bolt on the left hand side of the engine and provides invaluable engine temperature readings.


                    Overall dimension – 109mm X 100mm X 25mm.
Weight (packaged) – 0.8kgs